Mind Virus 3: Automation is too “dehumanizing” for a relationship-driven business.

If done alone, yes.

But the mistake most coaches and course creators make is believing that intimacy and automation are mutually exclusive; rather than highly synergistic. 

Or put another way; 

Advanced automation provides the intelligence (and reclaimed energetic and emotional bandwidth) to create high-touch and highly profitable interactions. 

Let’s look at the example of self-driving cars.

 Let’s say that by 2023 all Uber rides are fully autonomous. 

Self driving cars, on their own, are likely NOT a value add to the end user (versus a great driver or chauffeur); it only makes the experience less personalized, and maybe a bit cheaper if Uber is willing to pass along the savings.

However, let’s say the rideshare system notices you’re pinging it from a shady part of town with higher crime rates. Now let’s say; that because the “human resource” isn’t engaged in actually driving the car; it’s now free’d up to be a concierge that can take this data and create a better and safer experience. Calling you and staying on the line while you wait for your ride.

Automation is only as good as its ability to create richer, more human experiences. 

That’s why the “I just want a fully automated webinar funnel so I can chill out on a beach sipping mojitos” dude has become a tired cliche… a running joke in the industry… and a caricature of someone that literally doesn’t exist.

Because it can’t.

A fully automated funnel without intimate and dynamic touchpoints is a dead funnel without the heartbeat that creates resonance and coherence for your prospects. 

This is the single biggest reason why a sales call will close up to 10x higher than the “best sales funnel” (3-5% vs. 30-50%) 

Automated Intimacy™ helps you capitalize on the best of both worlds.