Convertbox: The Best Intelligent Messaging Tool for Creating your A/I Optimized Stack

Following AI principles, Convertbox provides foundational scaffolding for on-site messaging that we incorporate into our automated conversion engines (ACES).

While most things we teach from a high-level strategy standpoint should translate over to other best-in-class product suites, we believe ConvertBox is currently the best tool for the job for on-site messaging, and opt-in building.

If you would like to learn more, you can read our full review on ConvertBox at Empire Engineering.

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Why is Building This Foundation So Important?

It’s sort of like building an empire vs. winning a gun battle…

  • Empires are built off of complete oversight over the opportunities at hand; and full ownership over how and when to execute on them.
  • Most coaches, consulttants, and course creators function off of “one off” conquests; no predictable lead flow; no awareness over who’s in their sphere of influence; no precision in how to convert and serve.
  • Doing this foundational systems work isn’t “sexy”. For the most part; it’s bypassed in favor of the dopamine hit of putting out an offer post and then trying to hard sell anyone who shows even a hint of interest.
  • Doing this work in the trenches is what gives you the stability and confidence to expand your empire. This is what we go deep on in our Automated Intimacy Implementation Program (be sure to join the wait list if you haven’t already).