Mind Virus 2: Technology and Automation *doesn’t matter*

For years; ambitious, but non-techy coaches, consultants and course creators have raised their hand and said:

“Help! My mission feels straightjacketed by all this crazy-ass tech stuff.”

And for years; their well-meaning mentors and coaches have said;  

“Relllllax… chillllll….I hear you bro…. don’t worry about it; just focus on the foundations and get to that other ninja stuff later”.

Well now’s later; and it’s time to level the eff up. 

Truth is; the tech and automation has always mattered. A lot.

If you’re running a technology-powered business; the tech absolutely f*cking matters. 

And if you’ve stalled out or hit a plateau, mayyyyybe it’s because you’ve known deep within your marketing bones that your business hasn’t been engineered for sustainable growth; 

It’s been designed to win a single back-alley marketing battle at a time… 

But lacks the foundational intelligence, oversight, or growth engine to expand your empire to high 6 or even 7 figures.

(and hey… why pour your heart and soul into something that has a hard cap on its growth).

Lebron James didn’t wait until he showed some talent as a 13 year old to be like “man, now that I have a shot to make it… let me re-engineer my DNA to be the best in the world”.

His initial foundation (his DNA) had the potential to be dominant from the very start. He just needed time, practice, and experience to grow into the fullest expression of it. 

The same with your online business; unless you give it the foundational DNA to handle rapid growth; you’ll secretly sabotage yourself every step of the way. 


What we teach has often been dismissed as “ninja sh*t”; that you do later.

But later when?

Later when you’ve burnt yourself out manually chasing every lead in your ecosystem?  

When you’ve destroyed your mental bandwidth trying to “remember” the full story of every lead that’s come into contact with your business?

When you’ve got a CRM full of tags and triggers that make no effin sense; have no idea who’s experienced what, and have just decided to give every person the same damn broadcast email? 

Make no mistake; you’re in competition with hundreds (if not thousands) of coaches and course creators offering nearly the same thing.

Why wouldn’t you want to come armed with the “ninja shit”?