Mind Virus 1: Scaling means “spending more on ads”

Lean in close. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… 

Within every business is a “hidden business”.

This hidden business is made up of all the untapped opportunity; 

The tap-ins you can’t see.

The leads that fell out of the buying pocket (didn’t get an offer when they were most primed to respond to it; because – well – contrary to popular belief, their lives don’t revolve around your twice/year launch schedule or fabricated urgency).

In fact, with many of our clients; we come in and we’re essentially the “Black Ops” team that can find undiscovered revenue opportunities that in many cases rival and exceed what the business is actually collecting.

Another way of putting this is we bridge the gap between a company’s earning potential (total opp) and their earned reality (captured opp).

Don’t underestimate the implications of this. 

95%+ of online coaches and course creators are trying to scale an inefficient, broken “machine” rather than seize the full scope of opportunity already before them.

The end result; they “scale” the inefficiencies and profit leaks that weren’t so obvious and destructive before they were paying Zucks upwards of 10k/mo on top of ballooning team overhead. 

The bottom line is, you absolutely must… 

Seize before you scale.