Most sales aren’t lost to your prospect saying “no” – but in your prospect saying nothing at all.

The premise here is that every single lead who has been offered a chance to enroll in your program is held to a standard of radical decisiveness.

In doing so, we create a closing culture; not based on aggressive arm-twisting, but in clarity, confidence, and accountability.

So the 100% Close isn’t about “closing every single prospect’; but closing the loop on indecisiveness. There should be no one on the fence. No one dwelling in the land of uncertainty and inaction.

Action, whether it’s in our program, or away from it, is always going to be a more powerful and effective action than nothing at all. Is it ethical? Depends on how you use it.

No matter how you spin it; it’s blatantly unethical to strip away one’s free-will and sovereignty and twist a “no” into a “yes” with fear-mongering, story-spinning, and sales-driven gaslighting.

However, it’s completely within your compassionate power to call your prospect into decisiveness, while offering all you can to empower a clear, life-expanding decision.

No one wins by sitting “on the fence”; or meandering in a self-inflicted purgatory of uncertainty, mental masturbation, and unfettered resistance. This purgatory is the land of self-sabotage.

Of old subconscious stories creeping up around why one is unworthy, unprepared, or unready to experience a grander, more life-affirming, soul-expanding version of self.

Your ethical conundrum as a coach is dissolved in a true intent to inspire your prospect’s ability to make an empowered decision.

The 100% Close:

Anyone who is on the crux of the purchase, and who ascended to this container with a clear invitation/offer should be held accountable to a binary YES/NO — and empowered in every possible way to do so.

The proverbial “fuck yes” or “fuck no”. Everyone has an answer. Everyone knows their decision.

They’ve just been well-trained through years of conditioning and trauma response to mask their truth; ignore their intuition; and disparage the “gut feeling” that holds vastly more intelligence than the endless mental rumination that never seems to go anywhere.

The 100% Close is an ethos that justly holds every prospect accountable to making a decision; and empowers them with the ability to do so. Yes, for our gain. (more decisions will inherently equal more sales). But most importantly, theirs.

Through Automated Intimacy, we install the systems, automations, and messaging structures to make sure that we know where every prospect (or pre-customer) is in their process.

And through The 100% Close strategy, we make sure that every loop is ultimately closed. That every prospect who was invited to make a decision; makes that decision.

And that we, as coaches, leaders and educators have full clarity on WHO is truly with us, ready to be transformed and led through our guidance; and who’s just occupying mental, energetic and emotional bandwidth; remaining in an undefined container that serves no one.


1. High-Intent Funnel Leads: Those who have attended a full webinar and shown high intent (opening several offer emails, re-visiting the sales page 3+ times, should be gifted the opportunity to make a clear, confident decision through a personalized reach out.

2. Maybes / Not Right Nows: Everyone who has shown up on an enrollment call or strategy session, but was NOT an overt “no” (typically, “not right now”), should be gifted a check-in 20-30 days from the initial call to see where they’re at / what’s changed / and what their final decision is. This is most effective when combined with the appropriate “re-entry path” that takes into account what their initial objections were.

3. Automated Email Funnel: While you’ll never hit an actual 100% close with those in an automated flow, your final emails in a launch sequence or evergreen funnel should be designed to coach and encourage decisiveness. One of the techniques we’ve used to great effect is that of “binary choice”, and encouraging your reader to make a conscious choice rather than letting a countdown timer get a say in what they will or won’t get to achieve. Even a bump in 10% of leads making “decisions”; will have a dramatic effect on your revenue.