What we teach inside Automated Intimacy has often been dismissed as the “ninja sh*t” that you do later. But later when? Later when you’ve burnt yourself out by manually chasing every lead in your ecosystem?

When you’ve destroyed your mental bandwidth trying to “remember” the full story of every lead that’s come into contact with your business?

When you’ve got a CRM full of tags and triggers that make no fucking sense; have no idea who’s experienced what, and have just decided to give every person the same damn broadcast email?

Make no mistake; you’re in competition with hundreds (if not thousands) of coaches and course creators offering nearly the same thing. Your ability to sustainably compete; comes down to your ability to acquire a customer more effectively. Which really means; with greater precision, sophistication and efficacy.

Why wouldn’t you want to come armed with the “ninja shit”?

Bonus Points: Look at the businesses you envy (and the one’s saying “don’t worry so much about the tech”). Did they really build their business with lightweight automation? Hmmm. The point is… The tech is the backbone of your online business.

To create “conversion contexts” you need to set up your systems and CRM’s to identify and notify you when it’s time to intervene with a personalized invitation.

To execute a 100% Close strategy; you need to have a clear record of every single human who ascended into an “enrollment phase”; with clear notes and records of what was said on that strategy call, or what questions were asked on the webinar.

To develop and embody a Coaching The Conversion ethos; you need to be able to create a dynamic, transformational path with intelligent behavioral triggers and real-time reporting of where your prospects are in the customer journey.

Marketing is no longer a straight, linear process. If we’re being honest, it never truly was. Prospects don’t ascend “levels of awareness” in the same way they did in 1960 when all they had was a newspaper and television set, The Newtonian model is dying fast.

And as it does, there will be nothing but growth and opportunity for those who’ve made a quantum leap into a more evolved, integrity-driven and most importantly – reality-based approach.

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