We’re gonna reel things in to something so basic and fundamental, yet so bypassed in the online coaching world.

Your revenue is a direct function of how many personalized, enrollment-oriented conversations you’re having with qualified prospects.

Engage in 5x more conversations this year and you’ll 5-10x your revenue. Period. Wait; what about lead gen?

What about being seen everywhere, all the time like some fabricated, “I am the chosen one. Yall must bow to my glory” guru trying to pacify his/her grade school wounding of needing to be loved and seen by the world? #messiahcomplex

Not hating. Just saying… A single, twenty second interaction between you and a qualified lead is worth exponentially more than photo opps, phony PR, or dropping pixels and stalking your prospect all over the internet.

Yes, “being seen everywhere” might keep you top-of-mind. But in what light? Attraction needs space to form. Resonance requires a degree of mystery and magnetism. Not overzealous persistence.

Now here’s where I’m going to crack your reality open a little bit.

We can almost unanimously agree that the most “powerful” and transformative moments in our business happen in a one-to-one context. For most of us, that’s relegated to TWO contexts…

1. Enrollment Calls / Strategy Sessions / Messenger Chats

2. Post-Purchase Fullfillment / Coaching Calls

But in doing so, we’re taking the sharpest sword in our marketing arsenal, and only using it at two junctures. Yes, intimacy increases with proximity to payment (and, in turn, commitment).

But by no means; should it not exist prior.

Just like a coaching student or course student is FAR more likely to consume your course and get a wicked result if they were onboarded properly and had a personal, one-on-one interaction with the coach or course creator…

An email subscriber will be exponentially more likely to open your emails, consume your content, and allow themselves to be “coached” to the next level of engagement if they’ve had even just a ninety second acknowledgment from you when they entered your funnel or sphere of influence.

Simply knowing that they’re not just a “lead in a funnel” or an anonymous IP address in your CRM, adds layers of accountability and commitment, which are critical precursors to ascending in your sales process.

It’s an investment worth making; yet almost entirely avoided out of fear of being “non scaleable” and bandwidth intensive.

And yes, we get that. That’s why you need to:

1. Pick your spots wisely (Choosing and creating the right conversion contexts)
2. Use modern systems to “signal” the right moment to intervene (Automated Intimacy) 3. Create SOPs / Timed-Batching

Let’s go into the first two in more lucid detail.