If Coaching The Conversion™ is our primary messaging and marketing ethos; “Seize Before You Scale” is the greater growth engine that it exists in service to.

The reason we typically have such an immediate and profound impact on the profit levels of those we consult with privately; is because we almost never begin by looking at what the business is currently doing…

But at what they’re not. And here’s the open secret: Within every business is a hidden business.

Meaning, the uncaptured revenue and subsequent LTV from qualified leads that fell through the cracks (or who weren’t properly ascended) is often far greater than the company’s actual “captured” revenue.

You may want to re-read that line a few times. But the way we like to look at this is as follows: Every company has both an earning potential and and an earned reality

Their earning potential (EP) is when everyone within its sphere of influence (email lists, activated fb friends, fb groups, referrals, etc.) who stand to benefit, are invited the opportunity to do so at the right time with the right offer, and followed up with until a clear decision is made.

Earning Potential is a true north that can never be fully attained.

But when used as a guiding principle; we begin to systematically bridge the gap between what we’re currently generating, and what we would be generating if our marketing, enrollment and fulfillment systems were up to the task.

Let’s ground this in more familiar terms… when a *perfect prospect* joins your list, but has to wait for your 2x/year launch cycle to buy the holistic health protocol that she needs right now to heal her gut and change her life… you’re not seizing your EP.

… when an enrollment call ends with a “now’s not the right time”, but rather than having a systematic check-in three weeks later (that pulls from the story he/she shared on your first call), you go out hunting for the next lead… you’re not seizing your EP.

… when a student in your signature program (at the $200-$1,000) price point is hyper-active post purchase, watching all the videos, joining all the group coaching calls, and littering the inbox of your support team (but hasn’t been offered the chance to become a private client with greater access and intimacy)… you’re not seizing your EP.

These are just three of DOZENS of “cracks” and “leaks” that most online coaching and course businesses suffer from because they haven’t implemented the systems (and messaging) to capture more of their EP.

And the craziest part is; implementing these systems is a lot more profitable, faster (and safer) than throwing more cash at Zuckerberg for the next round of leads.

So at the heart of Empire Engineering is the idea that you have to seize what you already have before you expand your empire lines beyond the point of defensibility. It means, getting more out of what you got first.

It means, setting up your “ecosystem” so that as you spend more on ads (and as lead costs go up over time); you know that there’s not a single qualified lead that’s falling through the cracks. Or a single customer who hasn’t been offered a chance to evolve into a higher rung (if that’s what would be of highest service to them). Most online businesses that think they’re ready to “scale” aren’t. They’re ready to SEIZE.

It’s the secret intermediate step that most miss out on. We’re going to make sure these are INTEGRATED before scaling up (and staking up)