Let’s begin with a simple, yet criminally overlooked fact. A coaching business is a coaching business.

It’s not a marketing, sales, and then finally, a coaching business.

As a coach, leader, or educator, why would you wait until money changes hands before finally embodying and expressing your greatest gifts and abilities. Marketing, at its core, is a transformational process.

A catalyst for change; and the new, more favourable outcomes that emerge from it. It’s alchemical and regenerative in nature. From lead to gold. From stuck and directionless to illuminated.

It takes a prospect from a state of contracted, disillusioned and all-but-hopeless, to a place of renewed confidence, expansion and courage to move towards a more promising future.

And yea… it freakin’ works.

Not only because it feels a whole lot better than the manipulative, fear-based variety you may have previously accepted as a “necessary evil” in your business hint, there’s no such thing.

But because it attunes to an actual buying experience; not a blunt force persuasion tactic that puts some cash in the account before leaving both parties feeling like shit.

And when you fully accept the idea that the version of your prospect who enters your funnel (or sphere of influence) is fundamentally different than the version of them that purchases your program…

You begin to understand that everything you’ve ever accepted as “true” in marketing; is, at best, incomplete; at worst, damaging to both your prospects and your sense of integrity.

Marketing and enrollment is therefore a process of empowering the transformation between Point A (disempowered, disillusioned, indecisive) and Point Buyer (empowered, confident and resourced).

It’s accomplished through a gradual shifting of beliefs, re-understandings of the past, and commitments to a clear future or outcome.

This is what creates the identity shift needed for a pre-customer to turn into a customer.

This is what you powerfully transmit as a conversion coach or enrollment specialist.

This, in a nutshell, is the Coaching The Conversion™ framework.

It’s been tested, refined and perfected over the last five years. It was the *stealth* messaging technology we’ve deployed behind nearly two dozen, 6 and 7-figure launches.

And now, you’re about to learn it, in its most updated and potent form. Let’s freakin’ go.