How’s the summer going?

Cue the mandatory, “I can’t believe it’s already almost August” line.

But for real.

Summer has passed ridiculously quick.

Life has been simple. Been laying low in a small Canadian mountain town;  deep work from 8am-2pm. Afternoon hikes or lake swims with Sue and the kiddo. And overall, finding grace and groundedness in what has been quite the transformational thrill ride on the biz side.

The first year of a new business feels a lot like the first year of fatherhood.

So much change.

You’ve barely caught your breath before the next major opp arises.

The last month has been like that for Phil & I:

  1. Putting the final touches on our Automated Intimacy v1.0 beta where we’ve had the sheer-fucking-privelege of leading 40ish wise souls through an advanced stack of new marketing concepts, playbooks and strategies that merge the worlds of advanced marketing automation and high-touch / high-integrity sales.

  2. Got to collab on a mini program “Deadline Emails” with the legendary Jack Born (of Deadline Funnel fame): It’s always a cool moment when the peeps you looked up to early in your journey become the friends and collaborators that you get to hang with later on in the path. Jack’s become a great friend — inspiring entrepreneur — and all-around amazing human to hang with.

  3. Upgrading our Coaching The Conversion Platinum Program: Been knee deep in outlining the newest additions to the CTC Suite. Currently working on “Engineering The Enrollment” which uses our CTC principles to ethically coach the sale on enrollment calls. Despite it’s “spiritual dressings” (ie. tough love, showing up in service, etc.) there’s still so much manipulation, fear-mongering, and sales-driven gaslighting that happens on these calls. It’s felt like a duty to encode my own personal process that has been far lighter on the soul (while still favoring empowering decisions and conversions). Can’t wait to share more next month.

  4. More partnerships down the pipeline: We’re about to go live on our first affiliate deal on CTC Platinum. Which is hella exciting. But beyond that, fulfilling in a much bigger way. Getting to collab with an incredible group of humans (I won’t name names) who I kinda ‘grew up in the industry with” just feels like such a full circle moment.

    Working in this online world is kinda silly. You don’t get the “water-cooler run-ins” you would in the corporate world.

    But in my experience, you get a recurring cast of brothers and sisters who you just keep linking up with in different phases. They become your friends. They feel like family. People you root for and would do anything to lift up.

    Way too often, relationships in the online biz world are treated as “currency” and “capital”. Is there an ROI? Yea. Sure.

    But allow yourself a moment to enjoy the far greater richness of simply caring for a human — seeing them mature and evolve through different life cycles… become parents, move cross country, and continuously evolve and show-up as an entirely different person on your next Zoom call.

    To me, that’s exhilarating AF.

    And when partnerships naturally emerge out of it, it just feels like a far richer win.

That’s all I got.

Grateful to have you in the EE-fam.

And if you have a sec, would love to hear more about what’s most present in your world.

Much love,