The 7 Pillars of Empire Engineering™

The key strategies that an ambitious new wave of high-integrity coaches, consultants, and course creators are using to break the mold, expand their empires, and whiskey-clink to record-breaking months.

Welcome to the Future …

What a time to be alive.

At no other time in human history has the role of coach, mentor, and all-around transformational leader been so highly respected, revered and rewarded. Paradoxically, at no other time has the industry suffered from so much mistrust, misuse, and manipulative bullshitt-ery.

But here’s the thing… Opposing forces create tension. Tension leads to breakthrough. And breakthrough leads to evolution. By our estimation, we’re about to enter a 3 year window of massive upheaval in the coaching and course industry.

Saturation is spiking; the cost of attention and acquisition is rising; and the next 12-18 months will be, without a doubt, a period of revealing the true, high-integrity coaches who are ready to serve fully, while building a real business around it. And the 12-18 months that follow this initial period will be about consolidation.

The coaches and course creators who aren’t sustaining, won’t tuck their tails between their legs and go back to a corporate hell that’s being automated away anyway. Instead, they’ll join forces with the ones who’ve “made it”.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to call this period in the coaching industry: “The Great Awakening”.
But with every great awakening comes an equally-powerful purging, where the market literally spits out any operators who no longer match in resonance with the new unspoken rules of the game.

The market, at the end of the day, will ‘purge out” all those who:

  1. Are ill-equipped to attract, enroll and serve clients at any degree of scale.
  2. Aren’t capable of doing so ethically, with full-integrity and honorance of sovereignty and free will.

While those who win, will win because they’ve stacked a set of powerful systems, processes and enrollment practices that:

1. Amplify Trust
2. Accelerate Transformation
3. Activate Empowered Decisions

Empire Engineering™, at its core, is where you’ll learn to do all three. Where you get to be in the fullest expression of your gifts and skills as a coach, leader or way-shower, while building the systems and enrollment processes that empower your mission and uphold the integrity of your business. We’ve distilled the system down to 7 foundational pillars; each one of them a whole topic unto itself.

The layered execution of all seven is what we believe to be the new paradigm of a highly profitable, high-integrity coaching, course or service business in 2021 and beyond.

Welcome to the future. It’s a damn pleasure to have you here.

(hint: these key strategies will lead to record-breaking months)


What you’re about to learn aren’t the post-ayahuasca pontifications of a coach who’s ‘seen the light “and is ready to change the world”.

(nothing wrong with that though)

They’re the embodied, practical strategies that have already been quietly at play, generating tens of millions in revenue for those who’ve already made the radical leap into a more empowering way of marketing; and are actively disrupting the industry from the inside-out.

Combined, we’ve coached, consulted or collaborated with some of the top in the world:

  • Amy Porterfield
  • Jonathan Field
  • Zen Habits
  • Dan Martell
  • London Real
  • Todd Herman
  • Traffic & Funnels
  • Copyhackers
  • Jasmine Star
  • Miles Stutz
  • Josh Shipp
  • Superhero Academy

The record-breaking launches weren’t “happy accidents”. They were predictable.
By design.

And based off of a secret subset of marketing and enrollment practices” that 99% of the industry has either yet to catch up to; or fail to have the inner, empathy-driven ability to execute.