“Holy sh*t, i think I just saw the future of marketing. And I like it” 

Based on the bold new messaging and automation strategies that have driven whiskey-clinking wins for our private clients (Amy Porterfield, Jonathan Fields, Leo Babauta, Dan Martell, Todd Herman, Traffic & Funnels, etc.). The 7 Pillars of Empire Engineering is your initiation into…

☑ How to use the principle of Automated Intimacy™ to have richer 1-on-1 engagements with prospects who’ve “signaled’ the best chance at converting.

☑ The new (unspoken) rules of a high-integrity and highly profitable coaching or course business that will flush out the “fakers” and float the true badasses to the top.

☑ The 3 Invitations you must make over the course of your customer’s journey (hint: most coaches and course creators bi-pass the first and third… and pay a heavy price for it. 

☑ 100% Close Theory — and how to implement it in the bottom phases of your funnel to 2x, 3x or even 5x your sales conversions without fear-mongering or sales-driven gaslighting.

☑ Why “scaling” is a high stakes game that almost everyone but Zuck loses… and how to implement the Seize Before You Scale system for uncovering hidden revenue pockets.

Ry Schwartz has been my not-so-secret weapon for six years. He’s the copywriting genius behind five separate multi-million dollar sales pages for my digital course launches. Copy creates connection and connection creates conversions. I learned that from Ry.” 

Amy Porterfield, Creator of Digital Course Academy


Working with Phil, we’ve shifted the entire business in a huge, huge way. I started to work with Phil because I realized there were some things holding me back…he’s helping me to fulfill my mission in a way that is huge, reaching people in a powerful way, but is also incredibly authentic” 

Leo Babauta, Zen Habits


I’ve worked with Ryan on numerous successful launches and his ability to write copy that gets someone to buy is second to none. You would be crazy not to grab anything he puts out on the subject.”

Chris Evans, Co-Founder | Traffic & Funnels